Research article in Resuscitation by Laura Sarkisian SEE LINK


Poster presented at the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association congress in Malaga – part of European Cardiological Society (PDF)


2018 Dept. of Cardiology, Odense University Hospital – EUR 150.000 research project with FirstAED


2017 Prof. Dr. Michael Mller et al., Smartphone based alerting of responders at OHCA (PDF)

2017 ACCA Masterclass, London, Acute Cardiovascular Care Association (PDF)


2016 European Cardiological Society Congress Rome (PDF)

2016 International Journal of Networking and Virtual Organizations Vol. 16 No. 1, 20160 (PDF)


2015 European Resuscitation Council Congress Resuscitation 2015 in Prague (PDF)

2015 European Society of Cardiology Congress in London (PDF)

2015 Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Symposium Edinburgh (PDF)


2014 Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine (PDF)

2014 Danish Emergency Medical Congress (PDF)

2014 5th International Conference on Well-being in the Information Society
Safe and Secure Cities (PDF)

2014 European Society of Cardiology Barcelona (ABSTRACT) and (PRESENTATION)

2014 ERC – European Resuscitation Council – Resuscitation 2014 in Bilbao 2014 (ABSTRACT) and (POSTER)

2014 Official evaluation report on the Langeland Project 2014 (PDF)


2013 Danish Technological Institute: Analysis of the societal economic impact of scaling the FirstAED project to cover all of Denmark (PDF)

2013 European Resuscitation Council – Resuscitation Congress 2013 (ABSTRACT) and (POSTER)


2011 Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine (PDF)

2011 Danish Emergency Medicine Congress (PDF)

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